About FK

The FaculteitenKonvent (FK) is the overarching organisation of the 29 faculty-bound student societies of Ghent University. These are the student societies dedicated to a specific faculty or course at the University. The FK currently boasts a membership count in excess of 18000.

The different societies which are part of the FaculteitenKonvent, have professionalized their workings in recent years. All these societies offer a broad gamut of activities and try to cater to students' needs as much as possible. Academic education, social engagement and recreation go hand in hand here and we are sincerely proud of that.

As overarching organisation, our policy is strongly focused on supporting this evolution. Our primary objective is to defend the needs of our members and contribute to further professionalization. In light of our current knowledge society, the FK also serves as a platform for knowledge management.

These main goals are stated as follows in our statutes:

"The FK is a platform for discourse where its members meet each other in order to discuss the needs of these members, and by extension the needs of students affiliated with these members, and formulate proposals for the realization of these needs. The FK coordinates the relations of its members, coordinates a central administration of the student societies towards the Dienst StudentenActiviteiten, formulates binding opinions and executes initiatives in the interest of its members in order to support student well-being." (art. 4 §3)

"The FK aims to align aspects of student life as well as possible with the expectations, questions or demands of its members and attempts to realize material as well as immaterial advantages for its members." (art. 5 §1)

These statutory objectives are realized by an elaborate interplay of different actors within the community of Ghent; among these are the University of Ghent, the City of Ghent and numerous other student-focused organisations.


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